Divorce can be one of the hardest things you can go through. It can leave you confused, doubting yourself no matter how confident you once were.

It is a new phase in your life, and you can go through a roller coaster of emotions, anxiety, sadness, confusion, shame, and guilt. Talking to your loved ones about your feelings and thoughts can be uncomfortable; maybe you don’t want others to know the pain and doubts that you are having; however, you don’t have to go through this phase alone. A therapist can help you to process all those emotions and provide you with the support that you might need.

Through my challenges, lived experiences, and training, I have developed a deep awareness of the process that it takes to heal after a divorce.
It is a good time to check negative beliefs and thoughts that no longer serve you in this phase, where you can learn and grow so much!
We will process your emotions in therapy and learn new ways to see life more hopeful, empowered, and confident! I will provide you with the support and tools you might need in this process. You are starting a new chapter in your life and want to be the protagonist in it! You have overcome so many other things; this one doesn’t have to be an exception. I am here to walk with you on this new journey in life.

How to overcome divorce?

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