Life Transitions

Change can be hard as you are going out of your comfort zone. Life transitions can make you feel out of control, lost, and doubtful about how to proceed. Changes, even for good, can make you feel stressed.

Some examples of major life transitions are the following:

When people encounter life transitions, they can go through a phase of adjustment in their life.

If you experience stress for too long and this stress is causing significant problems in your relationships, at work or school, you can be going through an Adjustment Disorder.

Symptoms of Adjustment Disorders:

For diagnosis of adjustment disorders, the DSM-5 lists the following symptoms:

Managing and Treating Adjustment Disorder

In therapy, I will provide you with the emotional support you need while navigating the different emotions that changes can bring. I will help you get back to your normal routine, find peace in letting go of the old self and be more accepting of what is new in your life.

We will set short-term goals that will help you gain the confidence and stability you once had.
We will also cover some stress- management and coping skills that will help you go through stressful events. In the end, you will feel more empowered and live a life more joyfully.


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